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New healthcare transport protocols taxi sector

Last week, relaxations were also announced for healthcare transport. From September 25, 2021, the capacity of a care transport vehicle may be fully utilized again. By KNV...

MRC lets parents travel with the children

From now on, parents can travel with their children at Maasstad Regiecentrale (MRC). By downloading the free MRC app from the AppStore or PlayStore you can...

Are drivers empty-handed when Uber leaves?

Because the government is taking too long, Brussels Taxi Fed, the Collectif des Travailleurs du Taxi and Ingoboka-Taxi are now coming up with their own...

Problems with student transport in Amstelveen

At this time of year, it is standard for local political parties to go on the offensive against the carrier switch. It...

Taxi Expo, a special meeting place

An excellent opportunity for healthcare carriers and taxi entrepreneurs and the chance to meet each other and their suppliers again. Despite the Taxi Expo and the National...

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