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  • P+R, you can transfer to public transport there

    Anyone who comes by car around Antwerp has probably already seen them along the Antwerp Ring. Large P + R buildings should encourage visitors and shoppers to park there and then use the connecting public transport to move into the city center. Nevertheless, the Park-and-rides were anxiously almost empty for quite some time, but Dutch shopping people are now starting to see the point.

    There are currently 9 P+Rs in and around Antwerp. Are you coming to Antwerp for a little longer to work, shop or for a tourist visit? Then you can park your car easily and cheaply at one of the park and rides (P+Rs) on the outskirts of the city. At the P+R you change to tram, bus or bicycle for a quick connection to the city center. By the way, all P+Rs are outside the low emission zone in Antwerp.

    “The Antwerp police called on you to leave your car at the Park & ​​Ride zones on the outskirts of the city, in order to continue your journey there via public transport. ”

    left bank

    Since January 17, 2022, the new P+R on Linkeroever opened. The imposing building has 1.500 places and should help to relieve the traffic on the roads in Antwerp's western edge. You can transfer to public transport, shared systems or bicycle to continue towards the Antwerp city center. You can also take out a subscription for 25 euros per month or 300 euros per year. Pay at the payment machine on site or book and pay your place online in advance.

    Nevertheless, the infrastructure and the connecting public transport could still be improved. Fortunately, the P+R buildings were not yet fully used. In recent weeks, when the Dutch came en masse to Antwerp during their lockdown, according to De Lijn, hardly more trams and buses could be used to bring travelers from those Park & ​​Ride zones to the city. 

    Three tram lines

    The new stop 'P+R Linkeroever' at the brand new parking building will therefore be served by the three tram lines 3, 5 and 9. The stop P+R Linkeroever will therefore have a frequency of 18 trams per hour. During rush hour, that number is even more than 22 per hour. Anyone who wants to go to the city center of Antwerp can now easily park their car in the new P&R. There is no shortage of parking, and the cost is only 1 euro per day. Near the parking building, take tram 3, 5 or 9 at the new stop 'P&R Linkeroever' in the direction of the city center and you will be in the city center in no time: in 10 minutes you drive to Groenplaats and in 15 minutes to Central Station.

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Industry inside

  • TOMP API can no longer be ignored within mobility

    The latest Dragonfly TOMP API version 1.3.0 sets the standard for integration between MaaS providers, Transport Operators, organizations and governments. The TOMP-WG has closely monitored compatibility with the previous version with this release, ensuring that the previously chosen path for companies to interconnect remains operational.

    In recent months, the working group has put a lot of effort into further aligning with the MaaS ecosystem to increase interoperability. The results are impressive. With the latest TOMP API version, some upgrades were made to the TOMP API to enable the exchange of verifiable information from end users using the blockchain. In an ICT world where standards are the order of the day, the TOMP API has become an unmistakable link for many integration partners. 


    When you travel MaaS way, you normally use services that the different carriers offer. Sometimes you may need other things related to ownership such as a helmet on a fast bike. And then the question arises: is the TOMP API capable of including these 'add-ons' or 'tools in the process in a generic way? Until the current version 1.2.0, the answer was no. But in the latest version they are going to facilitate add-ons as an integral part of the TOMP API. The current way of planning and booking has been extended to facilitate add-ons. The expansion also affects the delivery of general and payment information

    GOFS project

    Within the GOFS project, the working group started working together with GTFS. This project is led by MobilityData and aims to set a standard for the mobility world. Its members are key players in the mobility industry who know that widely accepted data standards make it easier for travelers to find, understand, pay for and use transport options such as public transport, shared mobility or public transport.

    Sometimes you may need other things related to possession such as a helmet


    It seems that adding ancillary equipment affects operator information, scheduling, and trip execution endpoints. This includes many of the building blocks of the TOMP API. Fortunately, these are non-breaking extensions. This means that a 1.3.0 implementation should be able to handle a message from a 1.2.0 implementation without technical problems or complications. Conversely, communication with a newer implementer should also be seamless, but of course the newly introduced concepts cannot be handled yet.

    About TOMP

    The TOMP-WG is a collaborative initiative to create a standard API for the technical communication between Transport Operators and MaaS Providers within the MaaS ecosystem by means of an API (Applicable Programming Interface). The TOMP API is an open standard and is being developed in the working group with public and private parties. Participants are facilitated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

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