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FNV, CNV and KNV ask OMT to relax healthcare transport

Trade unions CNV and FNV and Royal Dutch Transport, Care Transport and Taxi today ask the OMT in a letter to allow relaxation in the…

Members GTL-TAXI contribution free as a thank you of trust

In view of the corona crisis and its economic consequences for the sector, the Board of Directors has decided that the existing members of GTL who will...

Tetra+ premium extended to taxi and VVB companies

The Brussels Region offers the “Tetra+” premium to Brussels companies. This was extended to the taxi and VVB companies. The “Tetra premium” is awarded in...

FNV Taxi goes for an hourly wage of 14 euros in new collective labor agreement

The Collective Labor Agreement for Taxi Transport will expire on 31 December. Healthcare transport & taxi drivers want a minimum wage of 14 euros in their new collective labor agreement. To that requirement ...

Pupil transport Valkenswaard to preliminary relief judge

Arnhem-based Willemsen-De Koning would be the best provider, but things turned out differently. That the outcome of a tender ...

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