More and more travelers choose to start the holiday with a taxi ride to Schiphol or Eindhoven. It is gaining popularity over other options such as parking at the airport or using public transport. Traveling by taxi has a number of major advantages.

In most cases, traveling by taxi is completely carefree. You will be picked up at the front door and dropped off at the airport. In addition, you do not have to park your car at the airport, which also involves the necessary high costs. In addition, the driver often also helps with loading and unloading the suitcases, which can be useful if you have difficulty walking or if you are bringing suitcases for the whole family.

Booking platforms

Various booking platforms are mushrooming. They often pretend to be an extension of services like Expedia and

It does not share sales figures, but TAXI2AIRPORT wants to integrate its services as much as possible with online booking platforms (think of services such as Expedia and Booking), tour operators and (online) places where people book airline tickets. Bremer:

“We bring interesting rides on the partner side, between 70 euros to 80 euros per ride. If you can add something on both sides, you have a good marketplace. ”

As a mobility platform KARHOO in their own words, cannot be compared with other providers. On the one hand, the company works with large companies in sectors such as tourism and mobility, but also with governments. On the other hand, there is the network of taxi companies and providers of private chauffeur services. This worldwide network now has 1,8 million vehicles.

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MOBIAN, Parcompare's parent company, is an online platform where any type of mobility by Travel Partners can easily be added to the personalized trip in the booking process. In addition to the offer of parking at international airports and cruise terminals, worldwide taxi, rail, transfers, bike rental and car rental can also be offered to consumers via one technical link.

Travelers who book with one of our affiliate taxi companies using Pitane Mobility software can already use the KARHOO and MOBIAN networks and experience what these services mean at the start of the trip or after the arrival of a well-deserved holiday.

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