Due to a power outage, no trains ran between Roermond and Sittard last Thursday evening. As usual with such disruptions, the Dutch Railways deployed express buses between Roermond and Sittard and stop buses between Roermond, Echt and Susteren. Arriva also used buses, but they were hardly available.

The bus plan did cause long queues because around this time many coaches headed for holiday destinations across Europe. As a result, a long line of people is waiting at the station in Roermond for replacement bus transport.

 The power outage started around 14:00 PM and lasted until around 22:00 PM, increasing the extra travel time to 60 minutes. Due to work on the track, there are also no trains running between Sittard and Maastricht. Until Sunday, the Dutch Railways will use buses on that route, according to sources at 1Limburg.

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