The 40% discount during the afternoon rush hour that some season ticket holders with an off-peak card still have. In addition, payment afterwards by direct debit (NS Flex) is standard for almost all season tickets. Travelers no longer have to put credit on their OV chip card at a machine in advance, but receive an invoice at the end of the month. The € 10 deposit on a public transport card will disappear and all subscriptions can be canceled per month.

“NS wants to make traveling by public transport easy, without a deposit and without charging the OV chip card. We listened carefully to travelers and the advice of consumer organizations to make our subscriptions simpler. With this update, we offer travelers more convenience and flexibility and we are also prepared for future ways of paying in public transport. ”, Says Tjalling Smit - Executive Board of NS.

More than 700.000 holders of an NS Voordeeluren season ticket will lose their right to a discount during the evening rush hour from 2021 p.m. to 16.00 p.m. That is one of the consequences of pruning by the carrier in the different subscription forms. The number of subscription types is reduced from 18.30 to 22.

A number of things also change for people over 60 who use optional days. It is still the case that they can travel extra cheaply seven days a year with a Voordeeluren season ticket. From 2021, these optional days are only valid during off-peak hours. This means it is no longer possible to travel with an extra discount in the evening rush hour.

Passenger organization Rover, which gave extensive advice to the carrier, is positive about the plan to convert the subscriptions to NS Flex.

“No more hassle with loading balances, so that the product becomes even more attractive. The NS Flex subscription is also getting cheaper, "said a spokesperson.

After the change, NS Flex will also be available to all NS season tickets. For example, the subscription packages Altijd Vrij, Traject Vrij, Weekend Vrij, Dal Vrij and Altijd Voordeel are given standard NS Flex.

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