The second MaaS pilot has been won by Pon Holding. The purpose of this pilot is to plan, book, pay and travel with one app. A partnership from the framework agreement of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, led by Mobility Services & Retail (Pon Holding), is working on this in the Rotterdam The Hague region. 

The accessibility of Rotterdam The Hague Airport is essential in this respect. In this project, they work together with partners such as the REIS information group, Tranzer and Shuttel. The traveler is expected to be able to experience this way of traveling under the MOVES label from mid-2020. The partnership consists of a number of established names in the mobility world. Pon (known as a VW importer, Gazelle bicycle manufacturer) uses its mobility branch: Mobility Services & Retail with shared transport (Greenwheels), mobility hubs HUUB and mobility card Shuttel, with which more than 110.000 employees already travel every day.

As a travel planner, the TRAVEL information group has millions of users in the Netherlands. Tranzer provides national and international mobile tickets for public transport and other shared services. Deloitte is involved from its expertise in innovation, co-creation and monitoring. CGI (IT consulting) is also part of the partnership. However, the collaboration does not stop there. In order to be able to offer a broad portfolio of services, this means working together with all public transport companies and being in close contact with the traveler in the region. 

In May 2019, Schiphol Real Estate, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, the Rotterdam The Hague Metropolitan Area, and the municipalities of The Hague and Rotterdam, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and De Verkeersonderneming issued a tender to get started with a MaaS pilot. This pilot focuses on the Rotterdam The Hague region with a special focus on Rotterdam The Hague Airport, but offers as many transport options as possible throughout the country. The customers of the Hague-Rotterdam airport now mainly come by car. 

The winner is tasked with having an independent business case operational within two years. Next Urban Mobility (also part of the Pon organization) won, after which the MaaS services were placed in a more overarching unit MS&R for the best implementation with the other Pon components. Roger Demkes, director of De Verkeersonderneming: “We are very happy with this winner. They are all parties with knowledge of mobility and customers / travelers. 

Now that the tender has been completed, we are going to work in collaboration with the consortium to really get Mobility as a Service off the ground in this region. ” This MaaS pilot is being carried out in the Hague region with the support of Accessible Haaglanden and Rijnland. With more than 2,5 million inhabitants, the Rotterdam The Hague region is the most densely populated region in the Netherlands. 

About 1,2 million people travel to work every day. In addition, 240.000 homes will be built over the next fifteen years, which will further increase the pressure on the existing mobility network. MaaS bundles all means of transport and services. Combined with personal door-to-door travel advice, planning, booking and travel becomes easier for people.

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Sonila Metushi (MaaS-Lab) in conversation with Özcan Akyol about MaaS during a Pitane Mobility meeting
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