The parties affiliated with the MaaS Lab have given the go-ahead in The Hague for a new movement. Carriers, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) providers and platforms have joined forces to build an open MaaS ecosystem together. On Tuesday 4 February 2020, the new movement will present a jointly formulated vision during the KNV New Year's reception.

The MaaS Lab was founded on the initiative of Royal Dutch Transport (KNV) and is a unique partnership of various market parties involved in MaaS. The starting point for those involved is to prevent MaaS from creating an 'ego system' in which all power lies with one market party. The MaaS-Lab alternative is to create an open ecosystem with a level playing field, which benefits everyone - travelers first and foremost.

“We see the creation of this initiative as a logical step towards an integrated mobility ecosystem. With an open ecosystem, the cake is getting bigger, for large and small companies that offer mobility services. Our goal is for everyone to reap the benefits of this positive development. In the coming period, we will discuss specific elements of MaaS, such as data exchange and quality. We are now focusing on further growth of the MaaS Lab and anchoring our positions with governments and other stakeholders, ”said Bertho Eckhardt, chairman of the KNV.

The affiliated organizations agree that an agreement system and an integrated vision and approach to the opportunities and risks of MaaS in the Netherlands are necessary. A jointly formulated vision and mission that gives direction to the wishes of the affiliated organizations is central. A jointly formulated vision will be presented during the KNV New Year's reception on Tuesday 4 February 2020.

KNV has joined the international MaaS Alliance

This public-private partnership works to create an open mobility market and a successful implementation of MaaS within Europe. With this membership KNV wants to make an active contribution to the development of MaaS in Europe.

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Photo: MaaS-Lab
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