Following the last meeting, EU leaders called on the European Commission to begin drawing up a comprehensive recovery plan integrating green and digital aspects. T.In the midst of divisions over ways to address the economic impact of the crisis, EU heads of state concluded an EU summit with a call to prepare for the post-crisis period, including some mobility.

MaaS, Mobility as a Service, or multimodal planning, booking and payment via one app was on its way to becoming an alternative. Seven major national MaaS pilots had to turn the dream of mobility of many a MaaS congress or workgroup into something tangible. While attention continues to focus on the health aspects of the COVID-19 outbreak, mobility is limited to staying at home as much as possible where no MaaS concept was conceived.

key to an efficient ecosystem

The MaaS mobility concept bundles a large number of transport solutions from different transport suppliers into a single service. Despite all the services that have been severely shaken during these difficult times, we must continue to work towards our goals. Are you ready to replace the lease car from the contract with an app with a travel budget to direct transport? 

Numerous data sources in mobility are linked to complete such an app. With all these sources, the user is offered a mobility package that goes much further than travel advice. For example, there is a bicycle ready for you to get off the train, bus or metro, or a shared car or taxi at the door. At the end of February, at the request of the MaaS Program (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment), Nazza demonstrated that bicycle providers can work together. This gives users of a MaaS app a seamless experience when renting and using a shared bicycle or E-bike in their mobility. 

we speak the same language with each other

The use of the TOMP language will enhance interoperability for MaaS service providers and carriers. The key to an efficient ecosystem is speaking the same language. The development of the standardized and technical interface between MaaS service providers and carriers continues, also during this corona crisis.

The MaaS-Lab is a partnership between all parties in mobility that are involved in the development of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) in the Netherlands. The aim is to create the right preconditions for healthy and optimal MaaS services that are in line with the social interests and wishes of the traveler. It MaaS Lab is facilitated by KNV.

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Sonila Metushi
Sonila Metushi - KNV
the new working from home for taxi companies with the Pitane Mobility Web edition
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