Many Dutch startups have been in serious trouble due to the corona crisis. Unfortunately, our economy is hit hard at this time and this also applies to many Dutch startups that are already struggling to obtain capital. Deferral of payment is often a prelude to impending bankruptcy. 

many sub-step companies originated from start-ups

Spring should actually be the starting signal for the rental of the electric scooter or scooter. Providers of electric sub-scooters like Bird and Lime are awakening after months of preparation, but are now facing a global crisis when offering their services. In fact, Lime got their share scooters off the street in all European countries that are currently in 'lockdown'. So you will be specifically in Italy, France and Spain no more finding electric steps.

The government has already taken various measures to help companies in the Netherlands affected by the corona crisis. But the measures are not very nice for startups. The temporary Emergency Measure Bridging for Employment Conservation (NOW) states that companies are eligible if the turnover has decreased by at least 20 percent due to the corona virus. However, many startups cannot demonstrate that because the scheme is based on a comparison with last year's sales. beside there is often no stable turnover as an additional criterion for the allocation.

There are also sub-providers that are taking advantage of the corona crisis and hope that the vital professions such as civil servants and hospital staff will want to use their services. In Germany, the scooters are even offered to supermarket employees.

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electric scooter
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