This weekend the Easter days are around the corner, other years this means socializing with family and friends and looking for good food and Easter eggs. Everything is due to the corona crisis this year. Prime Minister Rutte has even asked everyone to celebrate Easter at home. In Belgium it is different than in the Netherlands, the 'Easter Bunny' in Belgium has an essential profession and will still carry out its tasks.

"We spent all afternoon discussing it," says virologist Marc Van Ranst at the VRT news service, "but the decision was unanimous: this is an essential profession. "The police are aware," says Van Ranst, "they will not hinder the Easter bunny during his work." 

honking through the streets

In Oostmalle, the Easter Bunny just comes to visit, before the Easter Bunny walks into a street there, a car with honking will drive through the street in advance to let the people know that the Easter Bunny is coming, and so that the residents for the window or door can start looking. And then hope that the Flemish Easter bells ring.

vital profession

In New Zealand, the Easter Bunny also has a 'vital profession', just like the tooth fairy. The Prime Minister of this country Jacinda Adern announced this in a press conference on Monday. Parents may just hide Easter eggs as long as they follow the rules regarding social distancing. The Easter Bunny should not be allowed in parks and playgrounds.

In Middenbeemster (NH), dairy farmer Harry Heeman has written a pleasant message on bales of hay in his pasture, the message being: Happy Easter. He says: "the agricultural sector has been in the nitrogen crisis for six months and the whole of the Netherlands has been in the corona crisis for a month now". He wants to give everyone a heart.

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to look for Easter eggs
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