Logistics service provider CB en PostNL announced today that PostNL intends to acquire a minority interest in the healthcare branch of CB. Under the new partnership CB Healthcare, PostNL and CB want to collaborate more intensively and provide customers in the healthcare sector with a wide range of logistics solutions, such as the delivery of wound care products and incontinence equipment at home and at healthcare institutions. With this step, PostNL and CB are responding to the growing market for healthcare logistics. The transaction is expected to close in July 2020.

simpler and more patient-oriented

The elderly are living independently at home for longer. Care is increasingly provided remotely. In the coming decades, these changes will require a simpler and patient-friendly organization of the logistics activities. With this partnership, CB and PostNL are responding to the growing social need for the direct provision of (preventive) care to the elderly and patients at home. In addition, both companies see an increasing demand from hospitals and healthcare institutions for logistical support.

personalized and at any time

Hans Willem Cortenraad, general director of CB: “CB has been focusing on the healthcare market for a number of years. We are able to shorten logistics chains in healthcare and provide them with personal service, so that healthcare providers spend less time on logistics and consumers are better facilitated in their healthcare needs. By working with PostNL, we can respond more flexibly to changes in the healthcare market. And we become more scalable in the increasing demand to provide services and products personalized and at any time. By joining forces, together we become smarter, faster and more efficient in healthcare logistics. ”

better logistics solutions

Liesbeth Kaashoek, director of Parcels and Logistics PostNL: “PostNL and CB have been working together successfully as partners for years. We have a fine-meshed, specialist network. Healthcare is increasingly provided in the home situation and the demand from our customers for logistics service is increasing. By taking this logistics off your hands, healthcare professionals can concentrate on providing healthcare. PostNL and CB share the ambition to organize the logistics process smarter and more based on the needs of the patient and care provider. We expect to be able to accelerate the realization of our plans through intensive cooperation. ”

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Delivery of PostNL care products to your home
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