The FNV states that the hip image of Uber is hot air and makes the balans on. Drivers have to work fifty to sixty hours a week to make ends meet. Many drivers now also speak of modern slavery. Uber also rolled out its class classification system last year. Drivers are lured with higher fares, but to maintain those high fares they are in fact forced to work day and night.

According to the press officer Socialer Nederland Yvette de Vries, the Uber driver had an average of € 8,50 per hour left to live on in the 'good' times. Uber went public a year ago with his self-created image of hip and innovative. Former CEO and founder Travis Kalanick cashed about $ 3 billion last year through the sale of shares.


The Uber company went public a year ago and the FNV makes the balance on. Where Uber owns about $ 6 billion in this corona crisis, assistance for many Uber drivers awaits.

“There is no reason to party for the Uber drivers. Unlike Uber, they have no financial buffer and run serious health and safety risks, ”said Amrit Sewgobind, director FNV Flex and Compliance.

Research by the FNV shows that almost 80 percent of Uber drivers think that Uber is not taking sufficient safety measures during this corona crisis. Three-quarters of Uber taxi drivers expect to quit within a year and most drivers have a financial buffer of only a month and a half. The prices for the taxi rides are deliberately kept low by Uber in order to take over the taxi market. 

"The taxi driver is particularly affected by this, but as soon as Uber has a monopoly, prices go up and the consumer also pays a much higher price for a ride," says Sewgobind.

sewgobind: 'The longer Uber is active, the more clearly you see that they act as an employer. They determine the rate of a taxi ride and when and which trips a driver is allowed to drive. However, now that the drivers are left with no income, Uber leaves them to their own devices. The FNV sees only one solution: enforcement on bogus self-employment. Uber is regarded as an employer, just like in England and recently in France.

outlook just as black

According to the FD, at Uber the outlook black. Turnover fell by 80% compared to last year. The taxi app cuts 14% of the workforce. That is 3700 employees. Uber had biggest growth plans in Europe. 

Last February, the company announced that it would move to the Tripolis Park near Amsterdam's Zuidas next year, where it can accommodate three thousand people. The European headquarters now houses about 1500 people. The Uber spokesperson does not answer the question whether the move will put the move on hold.

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on average € 8,50 per hour
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