Mobility is a comprehensive subject, not easy to predict or predict. In recent months, work has been done on a publication on the future of mobility. For this, eleven prominent figures from the profession were asked about their vision on how mobility will develop in the next 30 years. The result is an extensive publication with a broad spectrum of visions.

future mobility

In order to work on the right solutions, it is important to understand how mobility and Mobility-as-a-service will develop over the next 30 years. Is 2050 a different world? Or is the speed at which it changes not too bad? 

Many changes are planned; Mobility-as-a-service, autonomous transport, climate change. To answer the question of what the future of mobility looks like, we decided INFO to ask eleven experts from market parties, the government and academics about their vision. Participants in the report are KiM, ANWB, Hely, 9292, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Parkbee, Municipality of Utrecht, De Verkeersonderneming, TU Delft, Lightyear and NS.

vision on Mobility 2050: launch report 2050

INFO will launch the report on Thursday 25 June Vision on Mobility: Towards 2050 during a livecast. During this livestream from Droog Amsterdam, Remmert Stipdonk (CEO at INFO) will talk to a number of leading players in mobility and Mobility-as-a-service, including Joost van der Made (Mobility strategist at NS), Eric Mink (Program manager MaaS Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Tarik Fawzi (Co-founder at Hely) and Ronald de Jong (Team manager Mobility and Traffic safety at ANWB).

sign up for the livecast

Registration for the digital event on June 25 from 11:00 am to 12:15 pm is free and can be done via this link:

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