Today, the MaaS and Behavioral Change knowledge café was founded by the CROW Academy organized in collaboration with KNV and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. Despite the fact that the technology did not fully cooperate at the start, the knowledge café became a well-organized afternoon via a webinar in which more than 120 participants took part. 

Research presented by Marije Hamersma of the KiM Institute shows that people expect to go back to the old behavior before the corona crisis. Breaking travel habits and permanently traveling differently is one of the most important issues when we talk about MaaS.

Change in consumer behavior.

People don't change their behavior. When one is under stress, people start to show the basic behavior. Because people don't change, you have to change the environment to change people. There is an opposing group and a cooperative group. The largest group of people is thoughtless.

Menno van der Linden, MaaS behavioral expert at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management thinks that linking all kinds of transport options will contribute marginally to changes in transport behavior.

When we want to change people's behavior in a sustainable way, this happens in a number of steps. What happened during the corona crisis is that people were forced into a changing and sustained phase. That confess that we have skipped a number of stages such as considering the change.

“What is a real challenge is getting the consumer to MaaS. When you want to use behavioral techniques, you are faced with quite a challenge. You can establish a good measure based on an analysis, but you cannot always influence that. External forces also play a role ”, says Matthijs Dicke-Ogenia - behavioral change in traffic and mobility at Golden apple Coffeng.

MaaS benefits from knowing how to make mass. When the MaaS consumer has the impression that everything is well organized, MaaS has a good chance. In corona times, we have discovered that we can accelerate change and respond quickly to changes. Rapid research into wishes and responding to changes is a necessity to succeed. MaaS for consumers is a challenge. Corona does accelerate, but intrinsic motivation is not built up. The trick is to make MaaS robust for major changes.

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Matthijs Dicke-Ogenia
Menno van der Linden
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