Tarik Fawzi provides his vision on mobility from his partial transport expertise in the recently published book: Vision on Mobility: Towards 2050. Tarik Fawzi, co-founder of Hely, is responsible for setting up partnerships. Hely supplies various shared vehicles from 20 Hely Hubs and is an initiative of the NS. NS is a shareholder of Hely together with Pon. Hely is a self-contained and operating company with the aim of making sharing more sustainable, fun and smart.

Fawzi says the world is not going to change overnight. According to him, there are many different international and national providers of shared vehicles. This is because, according to him, there is less and less space in the large cities for parking, among other things, and then a shared vehicle offers a solution. Technology makes it easier to find, reserve and pay for a shared vehicle via your mobile phone. Now that these types of services are increasingly available, the demand for them will continue to grow. 

"If you spend 1% of the money spent on public transport on partial transport, you can change the world."

According to Fawzi, every new housing development will soon have one hely Hub, which makes it easy for residents to book different forms of mobility with one app. Municipalities want to do something with this, but they don't know how. There comes Hely around the corner, they can help the municipalities with that. Fawzi thinks that in 5 years there will be several large international providers that will offer different multimodalities. According to him, this will bring a big change. He also thinks that partial transport and public transport will be combined much more. Partial transport is becoming the norm in new housing estates because it is being imposed by project developers and municipalities and because the parking problem is getting bigger.

When asked how Fawzi thinks transport and mobility will look in 30 years' time, he predicts that we will have many other types of vehicles, such as electric drones. He also thinks that electric or self-driving cars can appear at your door through an app. He thinks that by then everything will be equipped with loT and everything (refrigerators, cars, etc.) will communicate with each other without having to give a special order. Fawzi is also convinced that the government should invest more money in partial transport. He believes that we will no longer have mobility problems in 2050 because technological developments continue to expand.

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