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Tania Rademaker, Sales & Business Manager at 9292, looks at the current mobility network from her public transport perspective and then she sees a lack of space. Public transport is too busy during rush hours, and during off-peak hours it is very quiet on certain routes. According to her, there is not one ready-made solution that works for everyone. According to her, it mainly revolves around technology and developments in the mobility network. Of course also about people's willingness to change their behavior. 9292 tries to keep up with technological and social developments as much as possible, they have just launched a new app that the more it uses, the more it personalize to the user.

When asked whether we can expect other rental scooters, scooters and bicycles soon, she replies with a smile: “That's one of my caps too. I am also the contact person for other types of transport. I am now busy connecting new bicycle providers. I want to add shared cars, P&R and flex-OV to that at a later date ”.

She thinks privacy legislation is very important, 9292 adheres very strictly to this. Experiments can be done in this area if a traveler gives permission to use travel data. They have partnered with Warner Music to find out what the playlists offer to suit the environment of your trip. In this way, 9292 becomes a travel buddy according to Tania. Tania finds it difficult to predict the future in the field of mobility, she thinks that there is a lot possible in the field of digital (home) working. 

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Rademaker does not think that we will travel electrically in 30 years, nor does she believe in the technology of the self-driving car, this will not solve the congestion problem. According to her, it will be a combination of different modalities. Tania thinks it's important to point travelers to a new pleasant way to travel. She hopes to contribute to this with 9292.

Tania Rademaker is Sales & Business Manager at 9292, point of contact for public transport companies, responsible for the NDOV (National Public Transport Database) counter, stakeholder transporters and has also been working with MaaS (Mobility as a Service) for a year and a half. 9292 is a TRAVEL information group that was founded 25 years ago and which gave one billion travel advice in 2019. Tania Rademaker was interviewed for the book Vision on Mobility: Towards 2050.

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Tania Rademaker - 9292
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