How do you make it as easy as possible for travelers to travel from door to door with a combination of means of transport, from public transport to shared bicycle, shared car and water taxi? REIS information group, the organization behind the 9292 travel planner, is participating in a pilot aimed at the Rotterdam The Hague metropolitan region to offer mobility as a service - Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

“We work together according to an innovation partnership. We each contribute our own expertise. We mainly focus on public transport travelers, PON via mobility solution Shuttel on employers and Tranzer, which provides (inter) national mobile tickets for public transport and other partial services, on tourists. We each develop our own form of MaaS for these groups. The idea is that these services will soon reinforce each other. ”, Says Tania Rademaker, who guides the project from the REIS information group.

meet Moves

In concrete terms, this means that you can soon plan, book and pay for your trip in one app, regardless of how you move. Moves, as this service has been dubbed to the customer, is one of the seven related regional MaaS projects launched by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management to take mobility as a service to the next level. Where you as a traveler pay for the use of (integrated) transport services, without having to invest in means of transport. 

This is expected to have a positive impact on the burden on the infrastructure - especially in and around the cities - on air quality and quality of life. Because the easier it becomes to get from A to B with clean, accessible means of transport, the more people choose to do so. And that means, among other things: less car traffic on the road and fewer cars that occupy a parking space most of the time. Welcome developments at a time when a shift is already taking place from possession to use, especially among young people. Why buy a car, motorcycle or bicycle yourself if you can just as easily share it?

New light at the airport Each MaaS project has its own accent, in order to gain specific knowledge, for example about the needs and behavior of travelers, from employees to tourists. For example, the connection with Rotterdam-The Hague Airport plays an important role for the metropolitan region. Under the leadership of De Verkeersonderneming, the municipalities of Rotterdam, The Hague, MRDH * and the airport support the MaaS project. 

In order to link regional (transport) initiatives to the pilot and to achieve an optimal implementation, various parties that are already working on MaaS have joined forces. Including REIS information group that is steadily supplementing the door-to-door advice in the 9292 trip planner with extra options. Main contractor Pon, known for car and bicycle mobility and, for example, Greenwheels, HuuB / Hely and Shuttel, is further expanding its services with a multimodal app.

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Tania Rademaker - Sales & Business manager at 9292 REIS information group
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