CROW, together with KNV and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, is organizing a series of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) knowledge cafes in 2020. The aim of these knowledge cafes is not only to look at mobility differently, but also to be able to make other choices , see new trends and learn from best practices. Each knowledge café in the series highlights a different aspect of mobility. In which they follow the lessons from the past as a common thread, look at the present and how they jointly move towards a future-proof mobility system.

Various parties, including the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the MaaS-Lab (a KNV initiative), are working on a responsible, open and sustainable MaaS ecosystem. In the knowledge café, thematic knowledge is shared about the state of affairs. Providers of shared mobility and municipal authorities discuss the impact and potential of shared mobility, what is needed to fulfill that potential, the relationship between shared mobility and MaaS and how shared mobility fits into a healthy mobility system. 

Royal Dutch Transport, CROW and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management will hold three knowledge cafes on Mobility as a Service (MaaS) this year with the aim of looking at mobility differently, making different choices, seeing new trends and learning from best practices. . Register for the free webinar on September 8 from 14.00 pm to 15.30 pm. 

about CROW

CROW is one of the parties that ensures that the infrastructure, public space, traffic and transport in the Netherlands are properly organized. On the way to work, to school or back home. Every Dutch person experiences the positive consequences of CROW's work every day. Whether it concerns the height of the curb at a bus stop, measures for working with contaminated soil, anti-icing during the winter period or the amount of parking spaces at a football stadium. At CROW they work together with the users of our products and services to ensure that every Dutch person can go home safely and properly every day.

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Sonila Metushi
Sonila Metushi - KNV
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