Belgium is the country of the salon conditions during the annual Brussels motor show. Febiac announced today that the Brussels Motor Show will not be held there in 2021 and has already been postponed to 2022. Only news for motorists and car dealers who saw the show as the ideal place to agree on the best conditions during the sale. .

The salon may not be the top salon where major car brands show off world firsts, but it is the perfect place to do business. You had seen the news coming for months. After the lockdown in the spring, the postponement of the Brussels Motor Show is yet another setback for the automotive sector. This takes into account a fall in turnover of 20 to 25 percent. A new date has already been scheduled. The 99th Brussels Motor Show is now on the calendar for 14 to 23 January 2022.

“We do not want in any way to undermine the security measures and contact restrictions that the government expects from every citizen and organization,” said Pierre Lalmand, salon director

After international motor shows such as Paris, Frankfurt and Geneva disappeared from the calendar over the past two years, hopes grew that the Brussels Motor Show would regain international importance again. Unfortunately, corona throws a spanner in the works. That does not immediately mean that there is panic at the car dealers. Virtual can also give nice salon conditions, a matter of being creative with the situation.

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