The regular train service during rush hour will remain intact, but the extra rush hour trains used earlier will be removed from the timetable during the period of the lockdown. Night trains intended for the nightlife public will also be discontinued from next weekend. The regular night network, including the connection to Schiphol, will remain unchanged.

NS is based on the principle that passengers have a seat in the Intercity trains they travel in. For every train, on every route, on every day, an estimate is made of the probability that a certain number of travelers will travel with this train. Based on this probability distribution, it is determined how they can best use the trains. The deployment of equipment is chosen in such a way that the expected total number of minutes that travelers will be standing is as small as possible. After all, rush hour is the busiest time of the day.

night trains

Thanks to the night train, you can also travel by train at night. In the Randstad, the night train runs every night, in other parts of the country the night train runs on weekends. Look in the NS Travel Planner for exact departure and arrival times and check your trip again shortly before departure for the most up-to-date travel advice.

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