Who would still like to travel in these corona times? The cabinet advises us to stay at home wherever possible. And to travel only when it is really necessary. Those who still want to travel and would like to go to London can indulge themselves. Today the first direct Eurostar has left from Amsterdam via Rotterdam and Brussels to London in England. 

This morning at 7:47 AM the Eurostar left our capital Amsterdam. The train arrives at 10:57 local time in London. (1 hour earlier than in the Netherlands). Transferring in Brussels is no longer necessary from today, travelers in Brussels used to have to get off the train for a passport and security check. This passport and security check are now done in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Special Terminals have been built for this. As a result, the travel time has become shorter. Travel time is just over four hours (4 hours and 9 minutes) from Amsterdam and three and a half hours (3 hours and 29 minutes) from Rotterdam to London. 

It is not the best time for Eurostar to start with this direct connection. The Eurostar therefore first starts with 1 to 2 trips per day to London. The Eurostar does not run on weekends for the time being. It will be anything but busy on this link for now, as the travel advice code orange for the United Kingdom. Travelers arriving from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom must first be quarantined there for 14 days. And travelers returning to the Netherlands from the United Kingdom must be in home quarantine for 10 days. Wearing a mouth mask is also mandatory on this train.

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