The offer of partial transport in the Netherlands is becoming clearer and easier by the day with Gaiyo. Since yesterday you can also find the electric shared scooters from Check in this app. Check is a Dutch company that offers electric scooter sharing in various cities. Ponooc, the sustainable investment fund of the Pon family, known for raising Swapfiets among other things, is investing in the new shared service. Check kicked off in Rotterdam in 2019 and has now expanded its scooter park to the cities of The Hague, Breda and Amsterdam. More than 50.000 people already use Check's scooters to get from A to B in an easy, fast and sustainable way.

Check scooter booking

Check's scooters are lightweight and can be reserved and used by the minute. Gaiyo shows all the transport around you, including these shared scooters. Scooters are mainly found in urban areas, where the need for wheeled transport for the first or last leg of the journey is greater.

Gaiyo: overview of all your transport options

In Gaiyo you have an overview of the location of all scooters. Check costs 25 cents per minute, with a starting rate of 50 cents. In Gaiyo you will of course also find shared scooters and bicycles from other providers, such as felyx, Donkey Republic, GoAbout, Urbee and shared cars from Greenwheels, among others. If you have not used Check before, you can go to get 60 free driving minutes to try it out.

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