A new corona rule has been added in the Netherlands. Since 1 December, wearing a mouth mask has been mandatory in all public and covered areas, on public transport, in education and in contact professions in the Netherlands. This rule applies to everyone aged thirteen and older. In many countries around us this has been mandatory for a long time. Now we too have to believe it. The existing rule that everyone must keep a distance of 95 meters continues to apply. People who refuse to wear masks in these public and covered areas risk a fine. A fine will cost XNUMX euros. This is strictly monitored by extraordinary investigators and the police.

Mouth masks are not mandatory in mosques, churches, temples and synagogues, as these fall under the enclosed buildings. Enclosed buildings are not freely accessible to the public. The government has created the duty of masks in all public and covered areas to create clarity for all. Since September 30, mouth masks advice has been in place in our country, now the advice has changed into mandatory.

There is an exception, once you are in a room and you are in a fixed place, for example in a restaurant or cinema, you may remove your mouth mask. If you go to the toilet in the meantime, you have to put your mouth mask back on. This does not apply to public transport, you just have to keep your mouth mask on. Wearing a face mask is also mandatory at bus stops and stations. 

People who cannot wear a mouth mask due to their illness or disability must be able to demonstrate that they cannot wear a mouth mask. They can demonstrate this by, for example, the special card exception of mouth masks duty to print out and fill in, or by a letter from the general practitioner, practitioner or healthcare institution. You should always carry this card with you. If you do not have this with you, you risk a fine.

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