Oegema Transport from Dedemsvaart has taken the first Volvo FL Electric into use. The truck is used for the B2C distribution activities that Oegema performs for a large Swedish furniture manufacturer. Sustainability is paramount when choosing a heavy electric vehicle. With the Volvo FL Electric, Oegema expects 38 tons of CO2 to be able to save on an annual basis. The Volvo FL Electric of Oegema Transport is used for distribution tasks in the Northern Netherlands.

“We mainly want to gain experience with an electric vehicle and therefore use the truck on different routes. In this way we can learn how to use the truck optimally ”, explains Gerlof Oegema, workshop director at Oegema Transport.

The Volvo FL Electric is, next to the heavier Volvo FE Electric, the first heavy truck to be produced in series by an OEM. “The fact that Volvo can deliver the truck ex works is important to us. In this way we receive all the manufacturer's warranty, which gives us security and total unburdening, ”Gerlof Oegema continues.

For the purchase of the Volvo FL Electric, Oegema Transport is participating in the DKTI subsidy project GreenFlex, set up by Green Planet. As a result, 25% of the investment in the electric truck was subsidized.

Sustainability was the main reason for Oegema Transport to use an electric truck. “The Volvo FL Electric will drive for a large Swedish furniture manufacturer. Just like for our client, sustainability is also very important to us. We are an innovative company and like to apply the latest technologies, ”Gerlof Oegema explains.  

In preparation for electric trucks, Oegema has also made operations more sustainable in recent years by means of 8500 solar panels on the roof of the location. With this, the company fully supplies its own electricity.

Range for distribution journeys
The truck is equipped with six batteries of 50 kW each. This allows a range of 250 km to be achieved. Volvo Trucks Netherlands has assisted Oegema with the Volvo Electric Range Simulator in planning some optimal routes. 

“The calculated action radius is sufficient for our daily regional B2C distribution activities. Moreover, this involves a relatively large number of start-stop movements. The truck also recharges during braking. So our commitment is ideal for an electric vehicle, ”says Gerlof Oegema.

Charging the electric truck
Charging is done with a CCS / Combo2 connection with 400 V AC with 22 kW and with 50 kW during the night. In addition, Oegema Transport can fast charge DC up to a maximum of 150 kW during the day. This will be done at Green Planet in Pesse from the beginning of next year. The driver can recharge here for half an hour to three quarters of an hour during his mandatory rest, increasing the range by about 150 km.

Recharging is therefore possible, but in principle not a must for Oegema Transport. “We expect to be able to achieve our usual distribution routes with the calculated range of 250 km. However, we use the truck on several routes to also try out topping up and gain experience with it. Volvo already indicated: driving electric is working differently. We want to find out how this works in our daily practice ”, Gerlof Oegema concludes.

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