You have probably seen one drive by, the striking green sharing scooters from GO Sharing. GO Sharing is a Dutch scale-up with the ambition to make electric shared transport accessible to everyone. The founder and CEO, Raymond Pouwels, kicked off his scooters in Eindhoven in 2019. A year later, more than 3.200 electric GO Sharing scooters are driving around the Netherlands.

“GO Sharing stands for a green planet with mobility for everyone, for everyone,” says Pouwels. “We want to bring about a behavioral change from 'everyone has their own vehicle', to 'use when you need it'. And we do that in a sustainable way, with shared electric transport. ” 

GO Sharing: green scooters in 25 places

In January 2020, the company raised 10 million euros from investors, including Rabobank. Then it went fast. Meanwhile, GO Sharing scooters are already driving around in the regions of Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Groningen, Breda, Den Bosch, The Hague, Enschede, Leeuwarden, Deventer, Delft, Tilburg, Hengelo, Amersfoort, Haarlem and Apeldoorn. More than 25 electric scooters from GO Sharing are driving around in the 3.000 places in total. 

Sustainable alternative to the car

GO Sharing wants to offer a solution for delays due to busy city traffic. In addition, it is a sustainable alternative to the car, which is expensive, pollutes more and is usually only used a few hours a day. 

According to Pouwels, the scooter is the future in large cities. More and more cities, such as Paris and Oslo, are banning the car. Parking standards are also increasingly being lowered in the Netherlands and many cities are offering less and less space for cars.

Pay for the use

As with the other partial transport in Gaiyo, with the scooters from GO Sharing you only pay for the use; you pay from € 0,23 per minute. You can find all scooter sharing via the Gaiyo app. They are 100 percent electric and are charged with sustainable electricity.

About 100 kilometers can be covered with a GO Sharing scooter. During an appointment outside the door or a visit to the supermarket, the user can put the scooter in parking mode. That only costs € 0,05 per minute.

Gaiyo: overview of all your transport options

In Gaiyo you have an overview of the location of all scooters. On our FAQ pages you can read what steps you need to take to use a sharing scooter from GO Sharing. In Gaiyo you will of course also find shared scooters and bicycles from other providers, such as felyx, Check, Donkey Republic, GoAbout and Urbee.

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