Prime Minister Rutte addresses the country at 19.00 p.m. tonight about the far-reaching measures. According to Minister Hugo de Jonge, the situation is very serious. We see the infection figures increasing and hospital admissions are on the rise. The pressure on health care remains high, which means that we are dealing with a very serious situation.

The cabinet is taking these drastic measures because the number of infections has risen sharply and the pressure on healthcare is becoming too great. Sources from The Hague confirm this on Monday after reporting the ONGOINGWe can think of closing schools and switching to online education. The new measures will probably last until January 19, 2021. The introduction of a curfew was discussed but is not yet being introduced.

The measures will take effect tonight at noon to prevent a run on shops tomorrow. Contact professions such as hairdressers, physiotherapists and massage salons must also stop. Everyone should stay at home as much as possible. Prime Minister Rutte will give a speech from Het Torentje tonight at 19.00 p.m. 

Also in Germany it was announced last weekend that everything will be locked for more than a month. De Jonge argues that the Netherlands has kept an eye on its eastern neighbors, but that decisions were taken that "are aimed at the Dutch situation". Non-essential shops and schools are also closing in Germany.

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