Eindhoven Airport has taken note of Pieter van Geel's 'Additional advice on noise reduction Eindhoven Airport' presented to the Lower House on 15 December. The airport welcomes the fact that there is now clear advice and that it is clear how we will enter the next phase together with the region. The airport is now focusing on the medium term up to 2026, in consultation with the Eindhoven Airport Consultation (LEO) - which also includes local residents and municipalities - to concretize a standard for noise reduction in 2026 and the evaluation criteria, as proposed by Van Geel.

Eindhoven Airport supports the proposed cyclical system of establishing a standard for noise reduction for the medium term and determining a target for this in the longer term that will be converted into a standard after an evaluation. The airport supports the proposal to build in an evaluation moment towards the 2030 target in 2026. The 60% fleet renewal in 2030 as a starting point for reducing noise pollution is still standing for Eindhoven Airport. Progress of fleet renewal / technological innovation and its positive effects on noise levels should be periodically evaluated using the latest known data. The periodic system that Van Geel advises is a good instrument for this.

Eindhoven Airport has already taken various steps to reduce noise pollution. Since 25 October of this year, there are no longer scheduled flights after 23.00 p.m. and there will be an incentive in the airport charges to stimulate the deployment of the latest fleet at Eindhoven. In addition, the number of flight movements has been frozen at 41.500 up to and including 2022 and the noise space will be slightly smaller in 2022 because the so-called weather margin is no longer included in the permit. Eindhoven Airport reports this on them website.

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