The '100% Electric' platform expects that in 2030, 2 million 100% electric cars will be on the road in the Netherlands, with a value between 17.000 and 160.000 euros. There are currently about 150.000 Electric vehicles (EVs) in the Netherlands, about 70.000 were registered last year. There are expected to be 2 million electric vehicles in the Netherlands by 2030.

In 2021 there will be 42 different brands / companies in the Netherlands that will market an electric vehicle in 84 types / versions. There are 11 Chinese, 17 European, 4 Japanese and 5 American manufacturers of EVs with Tesla (# 11) having the most type / versions. Volkswagen is the supplier in Europe with the most versions.

The average price of an electric vehicle is 44.500 euros, the average lease price is 520 euros per month. The actual average range is 260 km. The average power is 146 Kw, 205 HP and a battery capacity of 50 Kwh. Top speed on average 145 km and 7-0 km in 100 seconds. The most expensive version is the Tesla Model X P100D of 160.000 euros, followed by Porsche Taycan Mission-e of around 150.000. The cheapest EV is the Dacia Spring-e at 17.000 euros.

If we look at purchase price in relation to range, the Volkswagen ID Neo, Hyundai Kona Electric (64 kWh version) and the Sono Sion score the best. The average price of the 3 brands is 28.000 euros with an average range of 310 km. For more information

Source: 100% Electric based on 84 versions and 42 suppliers in the Netherlands (2021/2022). 

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