Vehicles with a very low emission classification such as the two, three or four wheel electric vehicles can, under certain conditions, drive in Paris in the lanes reserved for buses and taxis. Electric motorcycles, scooters and tricycles or quadricycles are now considered to be very low emission (VTFE) vehicles. Therefore their owners can drive on the bus or taxi routes, of course when the local authorities grant them access. 

To use these reserved lanes, the affected electric scooters or motorcycles must have a Crit'Air sticker on their vehicle. In order to drive in most major French cities, drivers must visibly affix a Crit'Air sticker (air quality certificates) to the vehicle.

Environmental zones in France

If you go to France, you may have an environment sticker for your vehicle to drive in certain areas. All French cities and departments can set up an environmental zone, permanently or temporarily if severe air pollution is measured. If you regularly travel by car to France and you expect to visit the larger cities, it can be useful to order an environmental sticker in advance. The environmental sticker is valid for years, so you only have to order it once.

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Crit'Air vignette
Crit'Air vignette
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