With the roll-out of mobipoints and the arrival of a mobility center, we can, according to Lydia Peeters Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works, matching supply and demand. The main focus is on fewer mobiles & accessibility. There are 4 candidates in the running for the Mobility Center, of which we will know in mid-March who will be commissioned. A mobipoint is the starting point of your journey and from there you can get everywhere. You can travel there by bus or train, but soon also with a shared bike or car, taxi or another Mobility as a Service service.

At a mobile point or Hoppin point, for example, there are always train, bus, bicycle sharing, shared cars, a bicycle parking and collective transport. Other transport functions such as shared bicycles, charging points, taxi and carpool places, etc. can be added to this. A mobi point must be accessible to all users, with or without disabilities, regardless of age and circumstances. Tailor-made transport is available for travelers with specific needs and travelers who live in very rural areas. The Mobility & Public Works Department previously issued a public tender to set up this Mobility Center.

The Department of Mobility and Public Works developed a step-by-step plan for the construction of a Hoppin point. The step-by-step plan is intended for all actors involved in the construction of a Hoppinpunt and explains what a Hoppinpunt is, what it must meet and how the Hoppin house style must be applied. We do not only travel with one means of transport, but are increasingly combining different forms of mobility.

For example, we ride the bike to the station and then take the train. Or we drive by car to a park and ride and take the tram or shared bike to the city center. This facilitates smooth switching. The availability of coordinated transport options and well-equipped hubs allow for smooth switching between different modes of transport.

bicycle parking
underground bicycle parking Leuven

Tailor-made transport is the lowest transport layer of the public transport model for basic accessibility. Not only (shuttle) buses, but also shared bicycles, shared cars and collective taxis belong to this transport layer. The mobility center will help you plan your trip. In this way you will find out which means of transport is best for you and where you need to transfer. The mobility center will therefore initially provide information about your travel and reserve your ride. In the longer term, you can buy your ticket at the central station for your entire trip by various means of transport. The mobility center can be consulted free of charge by telephone, an application or a website.

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