GroenLinks wants everyone to be able to travel quickly, affordably and comfortably, without compromising our clean air. That is why GroenLinks has been in favor of road pricing for years. You pay for the use of your car. How much you pay depends on your car and when you travel. People who travel during rush hours, in quiet areas or with a clean electric or hybrid car pay less than people who travel during rush hours, in busy areas or with polluting cars. GroenLinks wants it to be easier to work from home or at flexible times, so that people do not always have to travel during rush hour.

It will become more attractive to purchase an electric and hybrid car and the infrastructure for this will be comprehensive. Public transport is becoming a fully-fledged alternative to the car. Green left wants to spend a lot of money, as much as 11 billion euros, on improving the railways and trains. In the plans of GroenLinks, drivers during rush hour will therefore pay a little more per kilometer. But these people will also generally benefit from their disposable income at GroenLinks. They pay less tax and, for example, will pay significantly less for healthcare.

GroenLinks wants the polluter to pay, so that fast trains, for example, get a fair chance. The noise standards around Schiphol must also be verifiable and enforced. Night flights should be banned and the number of short haul flights should be drastically reduced.  GroenLinks believes that this should stop and, moreover, does not want to waste any more government money on airports that are not viable.

Groenlinks wants to stop short flights for which the train is an alternative and not to fill the space that becomes available with other destinations. Lelystad Airport will not open. Schiphol and the regional airports are getting smaller and are concentrating on aviation that is important to the Netherlands. The Green Left is not going to keep unprofitable airports going with subsidies and tax benefits. Night flights are no longer allowed. Aviation must reduce compulsory and legally enforceable noise nuisance and emissions of nitrogen and (ultra) fine particles and meet the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement. Aviation cannot and must not return to pre-corona level.

Parliamentary elections
Parliamentary elections

In the short term, driving an electric car should be as easy as driving a petrol or diesel car. The number of charging stations is increasing considerably and in more and more cities, electric cars are given priority for parking permits. The purchase costs of a fully electric car are now still too high for most families, while everyone benefits from clean air and a good climate. That is why GroenLinks wants a purchase premium for small and middle class electric cars and a lower addition for electric lease cars. The purchase tax for new cars must also become much more dependent on CO2 emissions. With a greater influx of new electric cars, more second-hand cars will eventually become available.

From 2025, many city centers will be closed to diesel vans and trucks. GroenLinks is strongly in favor of this. After all, these cause a lot of emissions and therefore very poor air quality in cities. As far as GroenLinks is concerned, from 2030 onwards, cars that run on fossil fuels may no longer be sold. GroenLinks wants independent European supervision of the type approval of the latest generation of fossil-powered cars and trucks.

Party leader for GroenLinks Jesse Klaver has been a Member of Parliament for GroenLinks since 2010 and has been party chairman since 2015. As the most progressive opposition leader, he has put topics such as tax avoidance and the unfair distribution of wealth on the agenda in the Chamber. He was one of the authors of the historic Climate Act, which was passed by a majority of the House in 2019. 

Jesse Klaver was born on May 1, 1986 in Roosendaal. His mother was of Dutch-Indonesian descent, his father is Moroccan. Since his mother's death in 2017, Jesse has been in touch with his father and his Moroccan-Dutch brother and sisters again. Optimistic, idealistic and ambitious. That's Jesse Klaver.

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