One of the positions of the SP is merging the NS and ProRail into a national railway company. In this way, it can be prevented that in the event of problems on the track, the rail manager and the largest carrier look at each other and nothing happens. Moreover, according to the SP, the information provision for travelers must improve. The party is not in favor of expanding the number of regional airports, because this will cause more and more residents to experience nuisance. According to the party, the regional airports are usually not profitable and a further expansion of Eindhoven and Rotterdam is not an option. Lelystad may not be developed as far as the SP is concerned. There is still sufficient capacity within the agreements to grow at Schiphol. The SP also sees no point in the development of Twente Airport.

There are limits to the growth of aviation. The SP wants to make flying less attractive at short distances. For example, by levying excise duty on kerosene together with other EU countries, but also by working on good international train transport. The SP is committed to strict compliance with passenger rights in aviation. This means that delayed travelers will receive the compensation they are legally entitled to without much difficulty. Airlines that do not pay this compensation will be fined extra. The provision of information to passengers must also be improved. The party doesn't want any privatization from Schiphol. 

The SP wants to limit the number of shopping Sundays because it is important for employees and self-employed people that there is a joint day on which the majority of shops are closed. Many people need a car to go to work or for their social life. For many people, public transport is not (yet) a good alternative. That is why the SP is committed to well-maintained roads and we are resolving bottlenecks. The SP is reluctant to construct and widen roads. Sometimes investments in the underlying road network are more effective than expanding the main road network. If it is up to the SP, the maximum speed on roads is dynamically regulated, which reduces the risk of traffic jams and traffic flows better.

According to the SP, we will have to switch from payment to possession to payment to use in the near future. By converting part of motor vehicle tax and BPM into a price per kilometer, economical and less driving is rewarded. Rural areas with few traffic jams and no good public transport are spared. Electric driving is promoted. 

The SP is committed to more use of the bicycle. It is healthy and good for the environment, but also a fast means of transport in the city. They are aiming for more (free) bicycle parking facilities at stations. In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in the number of cyclists who are injured or die after a traffic accident. Older cyclists in possession of an electric bicycle turn out to be particularly vulnerable. That's why they make extra budget free for bicycle agility courses.

Furthermore, the CBR to stop with nonsensical medical examinations that chase the driver at extra costs and stress without it being shown that this also improves road safety. In addition, the SP has serious doubts about the fact that the CBR can impose sanctions entirely on board members, even when they have been acquitted by the court.

Parliamentary elections
Parliamentary elections

Party leader Lilian Marijnissen (35) has been fighting against the power of the market for years. Against market thinking and the influence of big money. Against private wealth and public poverty. In healthcare, housing, the economy. Against the idea that people should mainly think of themselves, instead of looking at each other.

The corona crisis has led to a lot of grief and sorrow, but it also shows what is really valuable. This crisis makes it clear why the public sector is so important. Corona also shows who really matters in our country. These are not the so-called 'healthcare entrepreneurs' who want to make a profit, but the healthcare providers who are dragging us through the crisis. This crisis shows how vulnerable we are when we depend on the market for things like vaccines, medicines and aids. It shows the need for a fundamentally different policy.

Lilian Marijnissen, Party leader and group chairman

I get my inspiration in politics from the people with whom I have campaigned, whether it be the care workers or the children of Den Bongerd, a special school in Oss for children who need extra care and attention, which had to close. But also my mother. In Oss there is a large city playground, Elckerlyk, which she and other parents have worked hard for. And they did it, the playground is still there today, and thousands of children come to play there every year. It shows me that you can achieve a lot together, whether in your own neighborhood or in national politics.

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