DPD continues to strengthen its business processes against undermining crime. That is why DPD recently signed the cooperation agreement with Taskforce-RIEC Brabant-Zeeland. Together they take steps against the distribution of illegal goods, including drug packages, via parcel delivery. The covenant has been signed by Eric Dietz, CEO DPD Nederland and, on behalf of the Taskforce-RIEC Brabant-Zeeland, Ms M. de Vries, mayor of Etten-Leur and Mr A. Ederveen, mayor of Valkenswaard. These mayors are the administrative initiators of the Resilient Post & Parcel Services project of Taskforce-RIEC Brabant-Zeeland.

“It is important that we enter into this partnership. Misuse of our services by criminals is highly undesirable. Thanks to our excellent security protocol and collaboration with all authorities such as municipalities, police, public ministry, tax authorities and provinces, we can maintain maximum security. By working together we can learn from each other. To arrive at innovative solutions and coordination of activities. So that we can limit the negative effects for our company, but certainly also for society ”, said Eric Dietz on behalf of DPD Netherlands. 

The distribution of illegal goods, including drug parcels, via parcel delivery is a social problem. DPD has already taken various measures to make its business processes more resilient to abuse and influence by criminal organizations. The collaboration with Taskforce-RIEC contributes to the further strengthening of DPD's resilience in this. For example, extra measures are being taken to intercept drug shipments even more effectively and to make the transport and transport of parcels safer. This includes increasing our employees' knowledge of drug packages, checking packages, by using detection dogs and scanning equipment and collaborating in the event of incidents.

“Criminals often use honest companies in their activities. Of course, those companies can make money in the short term, but in the long run, this can get them into terrible trouble. Fortunately, DPD recognizes this risk. In this way, the government and the business community are fighting crime together, ”said Mayor De Vries

Project Resilient Postal and Parcel Services

The signing of the cooperation agreement is the result of the Post and Parcel Services project that Taskforce-RIEC Brabant-Zeeland is carrying out within the Social Resilience program. The aim is to strengthen public-private partnerships and to initiate a social movement against undermining.

“Undermining is a problem that cannot be tackled by government alone, companies and industries also play a major role in this. I am therefore very pleased with this first step in the collaboration with this important player in the postal and parcel sector, ”said Mayor Ederveen.

About Taskforce-RIEC Brabant-Zeeland

Taskforce-RIEC Brabant-Zeeland is a partnership consisting of government partners in the fight against undermining crime. This form of crime creates a mixture between the underworld and the upper world. Criminals depend on legal structures, facilities and sectors from the upper world to carry out their activities. This also applies to the postal and parcel sector, DPD reports on their website.

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