The MaaS-Lab has recently gained a participant, parking platform ParkBee. ParkBee is a scale-up with a mission to help travelers, property owners and the local government make better use of urban space. As one of the first digital car park operators, they remove cars from the streets by offering drivers a better alternative. Thanks to direct integrations with partners in parking apps and mobility providers, ParkBee enables the user to choose from the best parking spaces within their large network of connected parking garages at the touch of a button.

We are proud to welcome ParkBee to the MaaS-Lab. The expansion with ParkBee ties in seamlessly with our ambition to bring together innovative market players. Together we work towards a shift in mobility thinking, which focuses on the traveler and an integrated mobility system.

Bertho Eckhardt, Chairman of MaaS-Lab

With this membership ParkBee, along with the other partners inside MaaS Lab, deploy their solutions for the future of mobility. The core of ParkBee is that they give back space to the city by optimizing unused parking locations. They do this with smart digital solutions. 

Now we want to go a step further: how can we use this space and technology for clean mobility and a further transition to large-scale car sharing? 

Fenna Plaisier, ParkBee Public Affairs Manager

Remove as many parked cars as possible from the streets to give back space to the city. That is one of ParBee's spearheads. They do this by offering the best parking spaces with their large network of connected parking garages. They reach millions of users through our direct integrations with partners in parking apps and mobility providers. Such as Parkmobile, Yellowbrick, ANWB and Radiuz in the Netherlands and RingGO in the UK. With the push of a button, these users can easily access all ParkBee locations. They also offer the option to reserve a parking space.

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ParkBee Haarlem
ParkBee Haarlem
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