The lockdown in our country has unfortunately been extended until at least 2 March. The theory and practical exams, intermediate tests, driving tests, professional exams and courses on Alcohol and Responsible Driving Behavior will again be canceled until at least 2 March. The Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen (CBR) reports this on their website. Yesterday evening during the press conference, the lockdown was extended again until at least 2 March. The lockdown had already been postponed from December 120.000th to February 310.000th. This in turn has significant consequences for the CBR. About 430.000 driving tests, tests and exams will expire due to the lockdown. These are in addition to the XNUMX driving tests, tests and exams that remained from the period from XNUMX December to XNUMX February. That is a total of XNUMX driving tests, tests and exams that have expired so far.

A reservation can be made for overtaking after the day of postponement. After the extended lockdown, everything can be caught up at the CBR without double costs. The CBR has reserved places for these expired driving tests, tests and exams up to and including May. Everyone who had an appointment at the CBR in the period before March 2, will receive a message by email from the CBR. New registrations are only reserved from XNUMX June and theory exams from XNUMX May. Trainers themselves can indicate who is given priority within the allocated capacity. Medical assessments will continue as usual, but it may be more difficult due to the corona pandemic to make an appointment with a medical specialist.

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