Rover is asking public transport companies to reimburse the costs of travelers who today have to provide alternative transport because there is no reliable timetable due to the snowfall. The heavy snowfall has disrupted public transport throughout the country: trains and buses do not run or run irregularly. 

Public transport employees are working hard, but in the meantime various transporters have had to let them know that they will no longer drive at all today. Due to the lockdown and the code red announced by the KNMI, Rover expects the number of victims to be limited. Rover wants an allowance for travelers who do have to travel.

"It is important that travelers who work in healthcare, for example, can come to work today, they cannot wait to see whether public transport will still be started”, Says Rover director Freek Bos. He pleads ensures that travelers with a public transport subscription who have to make a journey today can declare their taxi costs from the relevant public transport company.

Rover is not surprised that public transport cannot cope with the extreme winter conditions. “It is not the first time and will not be the last time that public transport has been napped by extreme weather”, Says Freek Bos,“if we want to prevent this in the coming years, investments will be necessary”. Climate change will make extreme weather more common. Not only snow, but also high temperatures and heavy rainfall. Rover has therefore been arguing for a number of years for a program to make public transport 'climate proof'.

snowfall hits timetable
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