Every day millions of Dutch people step out of the front door to go to work and school by bicycle, car or public transport. JA21 in her election program focuses on a combination of these modes of transport instead of seeing them as competitors. Train stations as a transfer point for motorists with plenty of facilities between the platform and parking lot, buses as luxury transit coaches for people who live further from their work and have no train station nearby. 

In addition, JA21 sees more in high-frequency fast (light rail) rail connections that can also open up less densely populated areas and make commuter traffic predictable and reliable. This is a better alternative than subsidizing electric cars, because it does not solve the congestion problem and creates new problems such as extracting the necessary scarce metals and loading the electricity grid. JA21 therefore envisages further improvement of passenger transport with the refinement of the rail network, with plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Over the past ten years, the number of road deaths has increased, especially among cyclists, the elderly and scooter riders. To turn the tide, effective measures on a large scale are needed in the short term, aimed at the sustainably safe design of roads, including infrastructure for cyclists. For example, JA21 wants to invest extra in separate cycle paths and fast cycle routes for scooters and electric bicycles, among other things. Cyclists can also contribute to their own safety, for example by wearing a bicycle helmet and reflective clothing / by wearing a bicycle helmet and reflective clothing and using extra lighting. According to SWOV, this saves no less than 85 road deaths per year. JA21 is certainly in favor of this, but sees its use as your own responsibility. Enforcement of speed limits should be aimed at promoting safety

For years there has been a need in the Netherlands for a broad people's party on the right. A party that stands for less regulatory burden, tax relief, a strict immigration policy and support for the entrepreneurs who make our country great. A party that supports hardworking Netherlands and always wants to make work pay, but also offers help to the vulnerable and the elderly. A party that stands for our cultural values ​​and the people who subscribe to our values. A party that wants to give the Dutch self-determination again, with less influence from the European Union. A party that does not blow with all winds and does not allow itself to be upset by every fashion. A party that understands that the Dutch strive for freedom, but also solidarity, and experience this through our shared history, culture and traditions. JA21 wants to respond to this call from the voter.

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Joost Eerdmans - Rotterdam
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