Rijkswaterstaat, as implementing organization of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, has the task of keeping the Netherlands safe, accessible and liveable. The desire of both the Ministry and Rijkswaterstaat is to grow towards climate neutral and circular implementation of projects and to make maximum use of the rapid developments in the field of digitization. The Go-Barry is a smart mobile barrier (road barrier) that can move itself and can be deployed quickly during road works. Go-Barry can be safely set up outside of traffic and operated remotely by an operator.

"I am proud of this innovation'says Michèle Blom, Director General at Rijkswaterstaat. 'You can see that innovation can also help to promote safety. As Rijkswaterstaat, we would like one vital market sector. Vitality only continues to innovate. So I really welcome companies investing in this. And that young people like Thijs Hagedoorn also know how to enthuse them to come up with ideas and to develop them further ”.

The Go-Barry creates a physical barrier between road workers and road users, reducing the risk of a collision. The Go-Barry can detect a possible collision and report it to emergency services. Go-Barry can also move in case of accidents or calamities to make room for emergency services. This barrier can also block or clear a lane within 2 minutes. Before Rijkswaterstaat can start using the Go-Barry on a large scale, the prototype must be further developed. The first pilot application of the Go-Barry on the road in 3 months.

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