It is understandable that everyone wants to come out, but the way they leave a park is outrageous. Thousands of people gathered in the Amsterdam city park to drink, dance and leave a gigantic mountain of litter behind. The Belvédère in Droogdokkenpark in Antwerp, which opened not so long ago, has quickly become a stopping place for city dwellers. Also there the same scenario in recent days, a massive violation of the corona rules and mountains of litter. What drives people not to bring their own shit home? You may not be able to stick to the corona rules one hundred percent, but you can clean up your own mess.

"An empty container of beer on the Belvédère as a witness to a sick mentality"

Ships Fons Duchateau

There is no shortage of rubbish bins and containers in Antwerp. The capacity is 7.000 liters or the equivalent of 70 waste bins. After a week it is only 63 percent full. Many people's behavior is wrong. For the time being, the city of Antwerp is not taking any extra measures to prevent gatherings. The only solution is for people to take their waste home. Even though the city is placing even more extra containers at strategic locations, the waste problem can only be solved if the mentality changes.

landfill in park: “Sick mentality”

terraces the solution?

There is a sense of revolution in the air. Nice and rebellious and against the established order. Unfortunately, the catering industry has the target group against. Even if terraces can be opened safely if everyone continues to behave, it appears that continuing to behave is problematic for many. Fortunately, people in catering circles are now also becoming rebellious with the terrace policy. 

More and more people are done with the accumulating waste at collection points in parks and on the street. An Amsterdammer from New West recently started a petition to call on the municipality to make it mandatory to bring your own waste from parks. Other city dwellers call each other to order on social media, in opinion pieces in newspapers and via notes on waste containers.

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