The Eindhoven software company Pitane BV wants to accelerate the response to Flemish taxi operators in these difficult times through the necessary link with Chiron until the end of March free to be supplied with the purchase of a Pitane Driver license. Since the mandatory trip registration of the trip orders in Chiron, the supplier of the taxi software has new customers on the line every day because the registration with Chiron is completely taken care of by their service desk. 

A Pitane Driver license costs EUR 15 per month, including the mandatory link with Chiron and the web edition of the powerful Pitane Mobility software. The Pitane Driver app has many functions, including the driver registering new journey orders while en route and sending the journey receipt to the customer. The new regulations that are in force provide that every holder of a new license must pass on his / her journey data in real time to the Flemish Government.

This allows drivers to comply with the new regulations with a minimum of costs. The registration for the connection with API of the central database of the Flemish government for the real-time registration of individual taxi rides, called Chiron, is separate from the registration for new licenses or a driver's pass in the Centaurus system of the Flemish government.

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"Difficult times require smart solutions. By now helping taxi operators to meet their legal obligations, we are convinced that everyone can connect easily. No expensive lease contracts for hardware or BCT necessary in the taxi. Pitane Driver works on your iOS or Android phone. Download from the App Store or Google Play Store. "

Gerrit Saey, CEO Pitane BV Eindhoven
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