The busy summers in Zandvoort cause parking problems every year, much to the annoyance of the residents of Zandvoort. There are congestion everywhere and there are rows of cars looking for a free parking space. They experience this problem especially in neighborhoods where there is no parking regime. The municipality of Zandvoort reports that they are therefore developing a new parking and mobility policy. To anticipate this parking and mobility policy, they have already taken measures for the coming season, in order to optimize the parking situation for the coming season.

One of the measures is that a temporary parking scheme will be introduced from 1 June to 30 September 2021 in the Zandvoort south, Oud Noord and Park Duijnwijk districts. More signs in multiple languages ​​are also being placed in Zandvoort so that it is clearer for tourists where parking is allowed and where it is not. Other measures that are taken are the optimization of the online information. So by, for example, a digital overview map of parking locations in Zandvoort. Zandvoort Municipality also wants to promote, together with NS and Zandvoort Marketing, that tourists can also come to Zandvoort by train. Work is also being done on improving and maintaining bicycle accessibility.  

Alderman Ellen Verheij: “We want to improve accessibility, quality of life and road safety in Zandvoort. We will also tackle the parking problem. The number of traffic movements and parking pressure increase, especially in the summer. Various bottlenecks in the field of parking will therefore be tackled with a number of measures before this summer. One of the measures is a temporary parking scheme in the Park Duijnwijk, Oud Noord and Zandvoort Zuid (Tranendal) districts from 1 June to 30 September 2021. The parking policy for tourists will also be clarified by placing signs in several languages. This prevents tourists from parking incorrectly ”.

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