Anyone who wants to have all their partial transport options under one button really cannot ignore Gaiyo. The range in this transport app is getting more complete by the day. As of today, you can also find Amber's electric shared cars in it.

Being able to offer a fully fledged alternative to owning a car, that is Amber's mission. The car-sharing platform was launched in September 2016, and more than 200 Amber BMW i3s are now on the road in 32 Dutch cities. These cars can be used for both private and business use. Amber has developed an intelligent platform that guarantees that a car is always available for the user. In addition, with Amber you are super flexible, because the car does not have to be returned to the same place as it was picked up. 

Shared cars: sustainable mobility

Shared cars are the promise for urban mobility. Owning your own means of transport is quite inefficient. Why would you own a car if it is idle 95% of the time? Car sharing is also much more sustainable. It reduces the number of cars and traffic jams, CO₂ emissions and parking pressure.

Gaiyo: the app for all your (partial) transport

For people who want to make the transition from car ownership to car sharing, Gaiyo is the solution. Gaiyo is an app that allows you to plan, book and pay for all your transport, whether you travel with your own means of transport, partial transport or public transport. The Gaiyo app functions as a personal travel assistant, providing a real-time overview of all available (partial) transport options and combinations, complete with rates, possible departure and arrival times, routes, traffic jams and parking options. Gaiyo therefore shows all the shared transport (such as shared bike, scooter or car) in your area. 

Most clear and comprehensive transport app

In an article in De Volkskrant of 11 December 2020, Gaiyo was assessed as the most comprehensive and comprehensive transport app at the moment. In Gaiyo you now also have an overview of the location of the Ambers. In Gaiyo you will of course also find shared cars from other providers, such as MyWheels, Greenwheels, SHARE NOW and Very handy, because not all Ambers are available for private use, so if one is on a private property, it shows Gaiyo you just take all the alternatives.

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