The past year has also provided a lot of innovation, creativity and reflection. Petra Kok, head of communication and spokesperson for TUI Netherlands writes that unfortunately they cannot provide holidays at the moment, but have not been idle anyway. On the contrary, they have used the time to carefully map out where and how holiday travel can make a greater contribution to people and the environment at the holiday destinations. And that has led to the introduction from Fair Travel, (h) fair on vacation.

Are we there then? No, certainly not and they don't pretend that either. TUI is convinced that travel must become more sustainable and they want to go far to further walk that path with their travelers. But conviction alone is not enough, it is about taking concrete steps and showing what you are doing. The value of Fair Travel is that the most important holiday provider in the Netherlands is committed to making travel more sustainable. Because they genuinely believe in it. A step forward every day, every month and every year. 

And if we sometimes have to leave things at that, then we don't shy away from that either. We do this together with our travelers, because the more people take steps, the greater the impact.

Petra Kok, TUI Netherlands

During a sustainable holiday you will not lack in any way in luxury, comfort, class and style. Everything you would expect on a 'normal' vacation is here too. But certain things have been thought about here and very conscious choices have been made. For example, the fruit for breakfast comes from the orchards just outside the village. Also the slice of lemon in your cocktail. The atmospheric lighting in the restaurant works on solar energy and most of the wine comes from winegrowers in the region. You can sometimes visit the vineyards together with your local guide, who they have trained in the TUI Academy.

fair travel

By booking this holiday you also contribute to more sustainable forms of transport. Both by land and in the air. Investing together in biofuel for their aircraft and in electric road transport. If you book a fair travel holiday with TUI, that includes a contribution of 2 pp and TUI doubles this to 4 euros. That may not sound like much, but if you add up all these contributions in one year, they can invest seriously and structurally in a sustainable future.

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