Corendon and Sunweb call on outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte to give the Dutch people and the travel industry longing for holidays a perspective on holidays in 2021. The companies placed an advertisement in the national newspapers on Saturday in which they call on the Prime Minister to save the summer . Currently, the government advice is not to travel abroad until the end of March.

Read the cry for help to Mark Rutte below.

Dear Mark,

We are a little concerned. Also about you. That longer hair looks nice on you, but you see some pips. We understand it is a lot. Managing the country during the corona crisis. Keep everyone happy. And in the meantime also campaign. We would almost say: you will soon be ready for a well-deserved vacation. We really mean that. But yes, how? Where to? And especially: when?

Boris Johnson has told the British that, if all goes well, they will be able to enjoy the foreign beaches again from 17 May. Don't get us wrong, we love the Netherlands just as much as you do. But we also look forward to a holiday abroad: a different language, a different culture, a different setting, the sun on our skin. It makes us so much richer and more relaxed.

A relaxing holiday naturally starts with being able to book in a relaxed manner. Travel organizations take this into account. Because the package trip is always safe. With a full 'package' of security measures. Package travel is never carried out if the travel advice code is orange. In addition, you enjoy sunny guarantees such as your money back within 2 weeks or an exchange guarantee if a holiday is canceled.

So Mark, what do you think? Are you saving our summer? The summer of everyone who loves a holiday? The summer of all Dutch people? The summer that you too should spend in the sun in recess? You don't have to be Boris from us, an ordinary hairdresser is sufficient, but we would really like something of certainty. Call it a sun on the horizon. Everyone benefits from that - including you. Come on, let us know when we can go on holiday again. We all need it!

On behalf of the Dutch holiday enthusiast,

with a sunny greeting from
Corendon & Sunweb

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Joint appeal Corendon and Sunweb: 'Rutte, save our summer'
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