State Secretary van Veldhoven of Infrastructure and Water Management and the platform for parking (Vexpan) have decided that more charging points for electric cars should be installed in parking garages. By 2025, there should be ten times as many charging points for electric cars in parking garages as there are now. We now have about 400 parking garages in the Netherlands in the Netherlands with an average of 450 parking spaces. In about two thirds of these parking garages, it is not yet possible to charge electric cars.

Security and comfort

State Secretary Van Veldhoven calls the agreements a good step: “If you are on the road by car, parking in a parking garage is often a good option. How nice is it when you can easily store your car and the battery is full again after your appointment. With these agreements that comes a step closer. That provides security and comfort. "

Vexpan the platform for parking has conducted a study and it shows that there are many opportunities to improve the possibility of charging electric cars. The target that has been set is that by 2025 there will be a charging point at an average of 5% of parking spaces in parking garages. By 2030, this should be an average of 10% of parking spaces in parking garages. These percentages are based on the number of charging points that are expected to be required. As part of the agreements, experts, garage managers and municipalities will work together to install charging points in the garages as smartly as possible. This reports it Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

André Wielaard, chairman of Vexpan: “For the members of Vexpan, hospitality is a core value. We want parking garages to be an attractive option for all drivers, now and in the future. Also for people with an electric car. We will therefore actively work together to share knowledge and remove obstacles, so that the parties involved can implement this as well and efficiently as possible. In this way we also support the aim of many municipalities to reduce the number of parking spaces on the street and to make more use of garage parking ”.

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