Travel organization Sunweb Group and Airline Transavia are going to work together. They have strengthened this partnership by signing a contract for a number of chairs for Sunweb holidays in the coming summer period. Another goal of this collaboration is to set up a corona-free travel corrider from Amsterdam Schiphol to Crete. The corona-free travel corrider is a package from Sunweb that flies with Transavia.

Mattijs ten Brink, CEO of Sunweb Group: “Especially in a market that is in full swing, we are proud that our collaboration with Transavia, which has been successful for more than 20 years, offers Dutch holidaymakers the opportunity to enjoy beautiful destinations to discover. We believe that everyone deserves a great holiday, because it is important to recharge, unwind and put daily life on hold for a while ”, says ten Brink.

During this package holiday, travelers are tested for the corona virus several times. It is also intended that the travelers of this package holiday stay at their own resort. Talks with partners and the government about these corona-free travel corriders are in full swing. Sunweb and Transavia have full confidence that they can finally offer their customers beautiful holidays again in the coming summer season.

Marcel de Nooijer, CEO Transavia: “Our partners are important to us, together we can give a positive twist to this radical period. For us, this kite is a symbol for flying again, in addition, the kite reaches higher with more headwind. We are therefore glad that Sunweb Group in this way expresses its confidence in both the recovery of the travel industry and our airline. We see that there is an enormous hunger for travel. Passengers cannot wait to discover beautiful destinations again and look ahead with their family or friends. This is also evident from research we recently conducted. After being able to hug each other again, traveling is high on the wish list. Safe travel is of course an important precondition, which is why we pay a lot of attention to this ”.

Photo above: Sunweb Group image bank.

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