The MaaS Award 2021 was presented during the national MaaS Congress 2021 to Utrecht Mark Verbeet. Mark was, just like Jaap Sytsma from Eindhoven, nominated in the 'government' category. He received the Award as a token of appreciation for his passionate commitment to continue to grow MaaS.

”Gaiyo is a digital platform (app) with which you can plan, book and pay for all your trips and means of transport in an accessible way. Partly on the basis of all kinds of real-time information. I am convinced that these services can help everyone make smarter and more sustainable choices in their mobility. In September we launched the Gaiyo app in Leidsche Rijn and Vleuten - De Meern and with this we have taken the first steps with MaaS ”

Mark Verbeet, Smart Mobility

Mark Verbeet works as a senior project manager Smart Mobility at Goedopweg. MaaS, which stands for Mobility as a Service, is about planning, booking and paying for all possible transport via an app. For example, the shared bicycle, car, scooter, train, tram or (water) taxi. And especially combinations of all these types of transport. 

Personal travel advice encourages users to travel smarter and more sustainably. In Utrecht, Mark Verbeet is working with market party Innovactory BV on one of the seven national MaaS pilots. The Gaiyo app has been launched for this purpose.

"With great pleasure and energy I will continue to work with my colleagues and partners, nationally and in the Utrecht region, to allow these (commercial) MaaS services to flourish in the Netherlands."

The importance of MaaS  

Just like other cities in the Randstad, the city of Utrecht continues to grow. Utrecht is expected to grow by about 2040 inhabitants until 100.000, of which no fewer than 20.000 in Leidsche Rijn. This means that accessibility and quality of life are increasingly under pressure. And outside the big cities, it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide affordable and accessible transport for everyone. That is why it is important that people are encouraged to travel smarter and more sustainably. MaaS can help with this.

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