Nice examples of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) are becoming visible. The mission of 9292 is to make it easy for you to travel from door-to-door with the app. To this end, they are constantly developing the app so that you have more options for the first and last kilometers of your trip when requesting travel advice, whether you are walking, cycling or taking a scooter. For the latter option, 9292 now also includes the travel time and shows the possibility of renting an electric shared scooter if available. For this they have entered into a partnership with, among others, Felyx and Check.

It was already possible to tick the bike when requesting travel advice, if you want to travel the first and / or last part by bike. Do you want to add the (electric) scooter to your travel advice? Then do this by adjusting 'Start:' and 'End:' to the issued travel advice. For the time being, the recommendations are based on scooters that are allowed on the cycle path (25 km / h). In a next phase, advice will be added for scooters that go faster (45 km / h).


In addition to showing the scooter in the travel advice, you will now also see information about the availability and rental of electric scooters in a number of cities. To add the shared scooters, they have started a collaboration with Felyx and Check, companies that offer these means of transport in more and more cities. After this, other scooter parts will follow. The company 9292 is open to expand this further.

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Felyx e-Scooter
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