On a mission to make even more cities in Europe more livable for everyone, Swapfiets is expanding further in Europe. Swapfiets has been active in Barcelona since this month and the first stores will also be opened in Vienna from the end of April. This means that the expansion to Spain and Austria is a fact. After its recent success in Paris, the bike with the iconic blue front tire will also be seen on the roads of Lyon, Nantes, Strasbourg and Toulouse from the end of next month.

In recent years, cities have invested heavily in good cycling infrastructure. In addition, micromobility has gained momentum across Europe since the covid-19 pandemic. The further expansion of Swapfiets thus comes at the right time and helps silting cities that want to get rid of the environmentally polluting traffic. The demand for Swapfiets therefore continues to increase in Europe. The world's first 'bicycle as a service' subscription now has 220.000 members and is now active in no fewer than eight countries. Along with this announcement, Swapfiets also welcomes a new CEO. Marc de Vries succeeds co-founder Steven Uitentuis. De Vries was previously at the helm of companies such as Hyves, Twitter and PARK NOW Group.

Marc de Vries on the further expansion in Europe: “We are very pleased to expand further in Europe to large cities such as Barcelona and Vienna, where people are increasingly cycling and also use other forms of micro-mobility. We believe that with our hassle-free bicycle subscription we can really contribute to making these cities more livable. ” 

Introduction e-Bike, e-Kick and e-Scooter

To tackle transportation problems in major cities, the transition from cars to modern transportation solutions must be made as easy as possible. That is why Swapfiets also offers innovative e-powered products while maintaining its focus on bicycles. The foldable Swapfiets e-Kick helps to bridge the travel distance to and from public transport. The Swapfiets Power 7 responds to the increasing demand for e-bikes to cycle longer distances quickly and easily. The Swapfiets e-Scoot, an electric scooter designed and produced by NIU, is available in several cities. Swapfiets reports this on their website.

Photo above: Swapfiets image bank.

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