It was recently announced that Pitane Blue has concluded a contract with the Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau (ANP). The Pitane Blue website will soon also draw news from the real-time ANP news feed and the press release database. The ANP is not only a news producer, the press agency is also national heritage with a broad social significance.

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PITANE.BLUE is the free internet magazine about all forms of mobility, passenger transport and Mobility as a Service. Online news, research, opinions, interviews and facts are fixed parts of our medium, which was founded in 2019. Pitane Blue has the ambition to be the most valuable and objective source of information for the Netherlands and Flanders when it comes to mobility.

"Striving for objectivity does not mean that we are colorless in our journalistic choices or comments. We believe that the common good is best served by economic progress."

Actually checked news starts with the ANP. The Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau ANP and the Eindhoven-based Pitane BV, owner of the Internet magazine Pitane Blue, among others, therefore concluded a valuable agreement for reporting on mobility. Pitane Blue will use ANP Services and ANP Material within the Netherlands for this. The contract offers Pitane Blue the opportunity to create an online archive with published articles and accompanying images from the ANP feed. In addition to the expansion of services in the Netherlands, Pitane Blue is also international, and especially in Flanders, a widely read internet magazine about everything that has to do with mobility. 

If it is not new, it is not news. That means that something has happened recently or is about to happen. With the ANP news, we are always the first to be informed of current news developments. As soon as the ANP editors distribute the messages among the Dutch editors, the messages arrive at Pitane Blue. We will immediately start working with the news when it is interesting enough for our readers.

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About the ANP

Everyone knows it ANP. The Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau has been in existence since 1934 and annually delivers hundreds of thousands of news items, photos, radio bulletins and videos. Dutch media have long-term relationships with the ANP. In addition, the ANP works closely with the major international news agencies. A rapidly growing number of companies, including Pitane BV, organizations and government services use the ANP for media distribution, media monitoring, strategic analyzes, content creation and other services. 

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