Recently, Van Kaathoven commissioned a Volvo FE Electric for the collection of PMD waste within the municipality of Meierijstad. A 100% electrically powered truck produces less particulate matter, less CO2emissions and less noise, which were reasons for Van Kaathoven and the municipality of Meierijstad to opt for a heavy electric truck. In addition, ex-factory production was an important motivation for choosing Volvo Trucks. Van Kaathoven believes in sustainable technology and applies it where possible. A waste disposal contractor from the municipality of Meierijstad offered space to apply sustainable innovations.

Alderman Van Rooijen of the municipality of Meiereijstad explains: “We take our sustainability ambition seriously. And that also means that we have to translate this into our purchasing and have the necessary resources to do so. As with the household waste collection: in the set of requirements for the tender, we asked parties to offer transport services without emissions. Van Kaathoven fulfilled this challenge by being one of the first waste collectors to place an order for an electric vehicle. ”

Collaboration between parties
In addition to emitting less particulate matter, CO2 and noise reduction, the cooperation between the various parties also played a role in the final choice for Volvo Trucks.

“You cannot become one of the front runners of a sustainable fleet on your own. That is where the power of collaboration lies. We use the electric vehicle for household collection and work as a team with the municipality of Meierijstad, Volvo Trucks Netherlands and BAS Truck Center. The fact that Volvo produces this vehicle from its own line is also highly appreciated by us. This guarantees all service as with any other vehicle ”, says Rob Meulendijks, Van Kaathoven Management.

De Volvo FE Electric was delivered by Volvo Trucks dealer BAS Truck Center from Veghel to Van Kaathoven in Sint-Oedenrode and is now driving through the streets of Meierijstad, according to Volvo Trucks.

Volvo FE Electric

  • Truck with fully electric drive for distribution, waste collection and other applications in urban environments, GVW 27 tons.
  • Powertrain: two electric motors of 400 kW, max. Power (330 kW continuous), Volvo automatic two-speed gearbox. Max. torque electric motors 850 Nm.
  • Energy storage: Van Kaathoven uses four lithium-ion batteries, each of 50 kW, totaling 200 kW. The battery capacity of the next generation of electric vehicles has been increased to 66 kW.
  • Range: depending on deployment and use. When using an electric squat press superstructure, the range is approx. 100 km. When used in urban distribution, the range can be up to 300 to 400 km.
  • Charging: 400 V AC charging with 22 kW overnight or DC fast charging up to max. 150 kW. The well-known CCS / Combo2 connections are used.

Photo above: Volvo Trucks image bank.

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